Loading JSON as a Text Asset using Resources.Load

Hey folks,

So I’ve got a bunch of .json files in my Resources folder, they are contained within several sub folders. And I want to Load them, before passing them through StreamReader and returning the final text.

However, when I try to Load the file I’m encountering a Null Ref of - “NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object”

Now I know this suggests the file isn’t there but it is and I’ve got some Debug showing that the path is correct. Below is my code:

        public static string LoadResourceTextfile(string path)
            string text;
            string filePath;

            filePath = @"SetupData/" + path;
           // filePath = filePath.Replace(".json", "");

            Debug.Log("filePath Is: " + filePath);

            var targetFile = Resources.Load<TextAsset>(filePath);

            using (var streamReader = new StreamReader(targetFile.text, Encoding.UTF8))
                text = streamReader.ReadToEnd();

            return text;

The “filePath” mentioned above which is passed in actually has the .json suffix, which is why I have a commented out replace. But that didn’t fix the issue in any case.

Suggestions would be very welcome :).

In the end I found that simple removing the StreamReader was the easiest way to solve my issues.

        public static string LoadResourceTextfile(string path)

            string filePath = "SetupData/" + path.Replace(".json", "");

            TextAsset targetFile = Resources.Load<TextAsset>(filePath);

            return targetFile.text;

Yeah, I had to remove the .json as well. None of the paths have a suffix in the documentation, so I guess that is a clue. Unity - Scripting API: Resources.Load