Makehuman, Blender visemes to unity for lip sync

So I am just learning about lip syncing for my characters. I would like to use “Cheshire” to add lip syncing to my characters.

I have imported a “makehuman” character (mhx2 format) to blender. I know I need Shape keys for the script as well to make it work. I am struggling with trying to export shape keys from blender to unity (Exported character as fbx format from blender).

In blender it has the following:


However, these are not part of the actual shape keys on my character for export:


Does anyone know how to use the “Visemes” as the shape keys for my facial lip syncing? Is there a good tutorial that shows how to use these “visemes” correctly? Any direction/tutorials on this would be helpful.

EDIT: For a unity side setup of cheshire I go over that in detail here:

I figured out part of it. I still am working on how to get these working with Cheshire.
I now get an error saying that index is outside of my array when I try to generate the animation. I will be researching how to fix this.

In Makehuman…

  • Under Pose/Animate tab select the “Game engine” rig
  • export as mhx2 formate (This is an external format that you have to import to make human. Google it)

In Blender…

  • Add mxh2 files (Google how to do this)

  • Enable mxh2

  • File > Import > mxh2

  • Select your mxh2 file generate from makehuman

  • Add the following settings on your import

  • Select Override Exported Data

  • Under “Import Human Type:” select Base

  • Select “Face Shapes”, Then “Face Drivers”

  • Under Masking select “Apply” button

  • Under Rigging select “Add Rig” and Rig Type = Exported

  • Now open “MXH2 Runtime” (On Object Root)

  • Select a face viseme (As seen in the picture on my question)

  • In the explorer select the :Body object

  • Select the object data (triangle looking picture, this is to add shape keys)

  • In the black arrow dropdown for your shape keys select “New Shape From Mix”

  • Adjust min and max data values to your liking

  • Repeat selecting visemes and setting it as a shape key that you name until done

  • Export as an FBX

In Unity…