Making an object partially disappear

I’m new to Unity and am just sort of messing around with things for the moment

what I’m trying to do right now is make a 2D box with a set of sprites inside of it, lined up in a horizontal row. What I want is for the row to slide to the left, and as the far left sprite hits the edge of the box, it gradually disappears, with only the portion of the sprite that’s inside the box showing. I can disable the rendering on the sprite but that just makes it vanish altogether? The only way I can think to do this would be to make the sprites a texture on the box, which is just a quad. This seems like a really limiting option, however, especially if I wanted to, for instance, make new sprites slide in from the right. Is there any way to make it so that only a portion of the sprite gets rendered?

You could use a “depth mask”: it’s an object rendered with a special shader that makes it and everything behind to become invisible. Take a look at this question.

Have the 2D box be a second inset camera that renders on top of the main camera. Use layers so the inset camera sees the sprites but the main camera doesn’t. That way the sprites won’t render outside the inset camera.