Making Blender objects at Unity objects' scale

I’m trying to make some objects in Blender for a first-person game (N.B. this game has no combat in it), but I’m having trouble creating objects to the proper scale compared to Unity. I saw from another post here that I should be using the Metric units in Blender to allow objects to scale properly. I also didn’t change the scale of the initial block that Blender starts out with (i.e. the scale for x,y,z are all 1.0). However, when I did so (after changing the import scale factor to 1), I got an object that looked like this:

I wanted to make an object the exact size as the cube, so I can measure the size of objects (like signs and stairs) for the player to move through. What type of settings should I use to do this?

Blender’s default cube is 2x2m. Just scale the default setting to .5, CTRL+A to apply the new scale and press CTRL+U to override your default scene settings. Blender and Unity units are 1:1 apart from the default Blender cube, which takes 2 grids if you look at it in orthographic camera mode (Keypad 5). That also means 1 grid = 1 meter in Blender thus in Unity.

In my case, you have to scale up 50 times.

I use Blender 2.69, and Unity 5.5.1fx Linux.

If I scale Blender cube 50 times, I get exact Unity size cube.

Otherwise imported Blender cube is very small.

I saw someone already answered your question, but I will leave this here for someone else looking for an answer, but not being able to solve by scaling down.