metallic material looks black with directional light is night

Hello, I started using Unity5 and I am using metallic material for gameobject.
I wanted to make horror game so I turned down the intensity of directional light but it’s still possible to see in the darkness and the sky is light, so I rotated the directional light upside down and turned the intensity to 0 so it looks like night and it’s hard to see in darkness.

However I realized that the metal material looks completely black when I turned the directional light upside-down and turn the intensity to 0 even metal object is near point light.

Is there any solution that makes metallic material looks right?

thank you for reading.


  • Reduce the metallic value a bit.

  • And put some light back into the scene.

    Either a directional light with very very low intensity…

    Or some ambient light with very very low intensity.

Why do I say this?..
Metallic materials show a combination of their Diffuse(Albedo), and reflected colors. If the “Metallic” value is too high, then it will only show reflective color (which , in a dark room means No color at all)

And the reason why you should have SOME light(even just a little)… is because the material’s diffuse(albedo) color will show as completely black unless you throw some light at it.

Further reading…
The settings for metal materials in Unity5 is very delicate. Making your own can result in a lot of guess work, but Unity has provided some good reading material, guidelines and samples for you to use instead.
Have a look at this document,
Working with physically based shading

It has some excellent charts describing the process of setting up metallic materials.