Metaquest UNITY XR to vision pro

good afternoon:
I have a finished project for meta quest using UnityXR, everything works very well.
Can I export it to VISION_PRO without any problem?
and if it works in THE VISION PRO SIMULATOR xcode: it should work in the vision pro DEVICE ?
Or any indication before sending it to the apple store please?

here a video working on editor for meta quest but i need to export for VISION PRO,
not problem if send for review on apple store?

One difference is that you need an ARSession object in a VR scene for the Vision Pro. Also, a limitation of the simulator is that none of the ARKit data is simulated, so you can’t test head tracking or hand tracking without running your app on a device. And there are differences in hand tracking between Meta devices and the Apple device. For example, the custom gesture recognizer in the XR Hands package doesn’t work well on the Vision Pro, because the Vision Pro reports some joints as not tracked, while the Quest provides estimated positions in the same situation.

Maybe I have misunderstood things.
First of all, thank you very much for answering my post.
I’ll change the question and really appreciate any help on this.
and the question is like this:
Unity XR interaction Kit was created to make apps for VISION PRO, through the simulator.
What are my limitations, or what can I create with this Unity interaction KIT?
Can I grab objects?
buttons in the air?
Or just basic menus UI?
How much can I interact with the 3D FBX using the UNITY XR KIT to test it in the xcode pro vision simulator?
Please I will greatly appreciate any help.
thank you.

please help !!!