ML Multi-Agent Traffic Simulation

Any ideas or help or tutorials on how to make a traffic simulation app using Unity ML-Agents? I recently started doing Unity as well as Unity ML, and I want to make a traffic simulation. How should I go about doing this, and are there any tutorials I could follow?

it is a long way... because it is involving several problems to be solved....
a) self driving cars
b) competition between agents
c) global goals vs single agent goal

i guess you should start building up a simple environment as simple as possible, and than add a car and work on any self driving tutorial showing you how to do it
you should than add more cars all in different teams and see what happened
you should decide what is your goal as single car and how this will work on a global goal

i hope this will work as a starting point for you
alternative is to create an Agent that is a traffic control agent, so that the agent itself is moving all the cars by inputs, but i guess this is a very complicated strategy and will also be very hard when you want to add more cars

Is this to just do a traffic simulation or for part of another project? If the latter then I think ML is probably a bit over the top, there are Traffic systems available on the store or go for another approach, SpookyCat did a nice system using splines and a custom physics system.

there is also this

So yes it is part of a bigger project. Basically I want to test if cars could communicate with each other, would it improve traffic. So in Unity, I want to simulate 2 environments, one where cars can communicate and another where they can not. So I was planning on using unity ML-Agents to simulate the first environment.

it is an interesting problem and i guess you can experiment using unity.

i followed up this tutorial and in 20min you have a car ready to drive with a good physics emulation

from this, you need to create an Agent, most likely add RayPerception Sensors to guide it to not get into buildings and other cars... the most difficult part maybe is that you want, i guess, have a traffic light system to decide who is going where...