MMO In Unity Indie? How?

Is it possible to create an MMO in Unity Indie? I don't want to jump into online games at this moment, but in the future once my skills develop I would like to create an MMO. But, can you create one in Unity Indie, and if so how?

Take a look at this question and the answers, it pretty much sums everything up

Unity indie don’t have some of the features required for a MMO, the main one is asset bundles maybe.
But a more logical answer would be:

Making a MMO requires lots of resources so if you are not able to buy unity in that time, chances are low that you can pay for other people to do the MMO with you because it’s not possible with a single man team unless you want a really simple game with massive amounts of players in theory and don’t want to host it at all because it will require money as well.

Take a look at this article.
Is it possible to make a MMO with unity?

I would also recommend checking out SmartFox, Photon and Netdog, Smartfox is mostly for simple multiplayer games and photon and netdog are closer to MMO server side.

Wait to see what the new Unity 3 brings with it for networking. As other posts tell you it requires a lot of work which requires time and time is money, so in the end you need money and a team to save time in order to save money.

check this link for Dawn of the tyrant MMO made with unity3d

For server software prices:

Quote from Ashkan in mmo-multi levels thread: "you can use netdog or photon for server solution. photon has different pricing options. it's free for less than 50 CCU and just $1500 for unlimited users at the same time. netdog is a better solution but with a higher price of $30,000"

Yes u can, using RakNet. (Network functions) You can also use SmartFox / Photon.