MMORPG? Can it it be done?

Will some1 plz help me with this me and my friends are just starting out with unity and relly wanna get into mmorpg and a few pc games, can it be done with unity or does it have to be done with another program if it can, can some1 tell me how plz ill be foreva in ur debt and also, can u make like a members thing for mmos if u can u also tell me how also can u make a party system thanx

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I wonder if someone would please be so kind as to help me out with this. My chums and I are just starting out with Unity, and it's taken our fancy to construct an MMORPG and perhaps a few PC games. Can this be achieved with Unity, or would it have to be with another program? If it can, could someone please tell me how I might go about it? I'll be forever in your debt.

Also, if anyone could elaborate in further detail on how one might go about making a members system, and even a party system, I would very much appreciate it. Thanks again!

Yes theoretically speaking it can be done.

From a bare-bones point of view, you'll need other programs to do:

  • 3D modelling & animating
  • Sound production
  • 2D texture & GUI design
  • Server-side word control system

You can then use Unity to build the client side of the system, which pulls all these aspects together into a functional project.

Realistically speaking however, building an MMORPG is a massive undertaking, requiring a wide range of skills and experience. It's not something you should really consider if you're just starting out.

You'll need to first learn about making simple single-player games, then gradually build your way up to more complex games, and then learn about the implications of multiplayer programming (perhaps move on to a 2 or 4-player multiplayer game) and learn about the various options you have in terms of server-side technology.

Unity won't magically do any of this for you though. There really isn't any way to get around the fact that building an MMORPG is a massive task, requiring a high level of programming skill, network experience, content production, and time/money investment.

And just to show it can be done: Fusion Fall is an MMO created by Cartoon Network, using the Unity engine, and it was recently announced that a Battlestar Galactica MMO will be produced using Unity too.

Hey, yes it is VERY possible. You just have to know where to start. Im actually working on one myself! If you haven’t found a team yet, I am looking for one and if you are any good you can join! Heck we can even combine ideas and make it better!

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Yes, it is possible but you cannot make the whole MMORPG alone, it could take years.
You will need a high level programming skills and a storyline
I’m making MMO top of (10-20) players first as a beta test and my friends are helping out it took a month to finish a small area so think about making a small multiplayer MMO first

Yes MMORPG games can be created with unity 3D. I suggest Starting with making the models, low-poly for beginners, after words, try making the animation, sound and etc.

To make It online you will need to build a server and a client, a server will have the Info about all cher's account's and etc. see MMORPG are games that take data from the server (your PC In that case) and process It Into quests achievements monsters and etc.

Your client's version need's to connect to a sertnt local IP (which can be found In CMD just type In ipconfig).

Think of IT like world of warcraft the realmlist Is changeable To connect to different IP's.

basically your client, needs to connect to your PC. fllo thous rules and you'll have an MMORPG game In no time.