Mobile game - should I reduce my vertex count?

I know there are a lot of threads pertaining to vertex/poly count for mobile game but I just wanted to get an opinion on the performance of my current iOS/Android game. While running on my PC, the Statistics Window says my game is rendering around 17.0k tris and 55.k verts. I usually have about 27 draw calls at most, and 15 draw calls at minimum. I haven’t added my character in yet so i’m expecting the vert and tri count to increase (my character right now has around 3000 vertices). There will only ever be one character on screen, and my world consists of a very large terrain (it’s similar to a flying game so the player will be able to see a good bit of the terrain at a single given time). Also, my terrain models have around 7000 - 8500 vertices. Should I decrease the vertex count on my terrain and character models - are my tri and vert count high for a mobile game? The game seems to run fine on my iTouch 3rd Gen though there are hiccups every now and then whenever I instantiate an object (I haven’t tested it yet to see if it eats up battery like crazy).

It depends on what devices you are targeting. Older devices will run you game slower, so it you want to target say, android 2.3 (Gingerbread) which is one of the most popular variants of android, it wouldn’t be a bad idea. If you want newer devices only, then you might not have to. I would recommend lower the tri and vert counts to make sure that it doesn’t hiccup on your iTouch and then it will run decently on most devices. If it sucks up battery look for other ways to optomise your code as well