Network Object Under Canvas Impossible ?

Hello, I have a Card Game im trying to make multiplayer, but im still a beginner in unity, so im following the latest multiplayer methods on this website using UNET Transport
And since everything in my project is UI on canvas, cards, player, profile pic, name, I cant spawn the player prefab in the canvas, when I use transform.SetParent(GameObject.FindWithTag(tag: "Canvas").transform);
but when I start host I get the error Invalid parenting, NetworkObject moved under a non-NetworkObject parent
I tried disabling the main canvas and put a canvas in the prefab but some items show and some dont, and I’d need a lot of canvases if i do that for each prefab that’s instantiated
anyone has a solution pleaaase ? Thank you for reading

For anyone with the same problem, just uncheck “Auto Object Parent Sync” on your Prefab then use transform.SetParent(GameObject.FindWithTag(tag: "Canvas").transform); in the Start() method and add the script to your prefab, I hope this solution doesn’t happen to have flaws later but for now it seems to work well for me 196019-capture.png