New Unity In-App Purchase integration problem (Android)

Hello there!
Im trying to integrating new Unity inapp serivice and got the next problem:

I created project on google play (now it is only in Alpha-testing with no-publishing) and i created in-app content for purchasing.
In unity editor all works well, but when im trying run its on device got next:

Unavailable product coins500 -**.coins500
OnInitializeFailed InitializationFailureReason:NoProductsAvailable

Google play API key inserted in Code by builder.setPublicKey() and in unity analytics dashboard
The app have permission on BILLING

Why i cant get the product from the GP?

Edit: Just finded this topic: Unity - Manual: Google Play
Now im trying to publish my application and test IAP again. Possibly problem in this.

Edit2: Publishing my app dont help me with my question. Any solutions? Still see my products are unaviable. OnInitializeFailed InitializationFailureReason:NoProductsAvailable

have you find the the answer? please post here as well.