Nvidia Techonology in Unity


I heard a couple of months ago that Unity 3D support Nvidia PhysX Technology, so I was wondering how to implement it so you can use all these tools (tessellation, destruction, hair and water simulation…)?

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AFAIK, PhysX is used for Rigidbody physics only, so no procedural destruction, softbody physics or fluids.

Unity uses PhysX internally for the actual physics system. So as soon as you start doing collision detection and the like in Unity, you are actually utilising Nvidia PhysX.

However to remain platform independent Unity uses the PhysX software processor and does not provide hardware support for it.

For the available physics features in Unity consult the scripting reference.

Can any Devs answer this? Cause the game my team is working on we would REALLY benefit from fluids and even some destruction at a small level. Also I saw somewhere in the “Question/Answers” Apex Cloth is supported but not Hardware Acceleration which makes no since considering that would just eat the living hell out of almost any CPU.