Objects from Blender (FBX Exported) are scaled wrong.

Hi! I'm rather new at this, so please excuse my lack of knowledge.

I am trying to get models out of Blender (2.55 Beta) and into Unity 3. I am exporting the models from Blender 2.55 as FBX models, and then importing the FBX, as it seems that the standard way of importing Blender Models is broken with Blender 2.5X and Unity 3. The problem is that when I import my models, they are EXTREMELY small compared to their size when I modeled them in Blender. From research I have done, it seems this may be a problem with the Unity FBXimporter having the scale factor set to 0.01 by default. If anyone knows how to set the Scale factor to 1, that would be great!

*Note, I found a script online that claims to correct this issue, but as I said, I am brand new to Unity, so I'm not exactly sure how to go about using it. If a script is the only option, then do I need to add the script to EVERY FBX model I try to import?

Thanks in advance, Mike

Well you can even fix this in the easiest of ways, too.

Just access the -mesh- of the imported model, and you’ll notice that it’s scale is actually 0.01 in the inspector. Change it to 1, press APPLY, and voila problem solved.


whateverNumber would be 1, for you.

As the docs for my first link there says:

This is an editor class. To use it you have to place your script in Assets/Editor inside your project folder.

great answer on the scale factor. For the new people to untiy reading this, you need to click on the models picture in the asset folder in unity and you can change the first option “scale factor”. if you have drug your model into the scene view window and click on the physical model itself these options will not be present.

the problem is that when exporting from blender, unity seem to ignore whatever scale you type
in on export. The parent will have scale of 1( in unity) , but clicking on any child objects, they have a scale of 100