Online Advanced AI(Artificial Intelligence) with JS

Hi, Know my question is where can I find Advanced AI because I only can find web sites that says the enemy health, how to follow you, and another things that are simple but know I want something complicated, like algorithms but what I actually want is something like not using any way-points that mines not algorithms so I want the enemy follow me in a strategic way like cover and shoots then he start moving and finally get to me. But the question is that where I can find something like this using JavaScript or if is a little bit complicated to find with JS is Ok in C#.

But please I need lot of answers. I will really appreciate it. Thanks in advance :P

UnitySteer, AngryAnt (Path Behave), and Custom are your real options...

That's what is made.

To do custom, you're going to have to go by what you know... It is, in my opinion, the only thing Unity really needs to be a solid game engine.

I suggest you pick up a solid nice book about AI. No really - I mean it.

I just recently bought a book myself to give myself more of an edge with AI. There is no out-of-the-box smart AI that unity provides. You'll have to get third party libraries and addons or write some yourself. AI is a complicated topic but so is rendering and physics so don't let that put you off from learning it. You'll find though that advanced ai use waypoints (or nodes) quite heavily to navigate the world. Some AI use this "nagivation mesh" to find places such as cover, health or ammo. I wish I could give you something solid to nibble on but I think the best thing would be to get yourself a book, like Game Programming AI By Example (I heard it was good, I have bought Artificial Intelligence - A Systems Approach).

"Real" AI is way more advanced than following a path or steering away from obstacles. You need to consider planning, estimating opponents move and really an at first bewildering set of options. Then you probably need to optimize the algorithms with heuristics to prune options that are clearly uesless. In short - it's a large topic :)

Treat yourself with a book. You wont regret it :)

I just got a good web page that is awesome to start learning more about Advanced AI and all of path, algorithms, etc.. here is the page: but thanks any way for all your help

The page of arons a* was awesome and really helpful the only bad thing is that I was planning doing the script by my self and is difficult to learn that because is a lot of code but thanks anyway. :P