Possible Bug - Multi-Parent Constraint - Unable to set source object weight at runtime


Code in a function

WeightedTransformArray a = TertiaryWeaponRig.data.sourceObjects;
a.SetWeight(0, 1f);
a.SetWeight(1, 1f);
TertiaryWeaponRig.data.sourceObjects = a;

I have tested to insure the sourceobjects (weaponPivot/WeaponSlot) are in the sourceobjects object when running. When the script runs the weight is not set. I have tried everything i have found online and i have not been able to get multi-parent constraints source objects weight to change at run time.

Is this a bug or am i doing something incorrectly?

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I found that the problem is when you set the weight in a function or a coroutine. This function above only works if you run it in a update function. This seems really silly to me.

Coroutines run after update therefor i dont know if it is possible to set the weight outside of a update that runs every single frame.

Does anybody have any ideas?

This is still the case, updating the Multi-Parent Constraint source doesnt work in a non Update() function.

What does work, maybe there is a better way?

You can change the WeightedTransformArray weights in a function.

    public void ChangeWeights()
        refWeightedTransforms.SetWeight(0, 0f);
        refWeightedTransforms.SetWeight(1, 1f);
        isDirty = true;

Then you have to set the Multi-Parent Constraint source object in Update.

public void Update() {
    isDirty = false;
    refMultiParentConstraint.data.sourceObjects = refWeightedTransforms;

Thanks for posting this way back in 2021!