Possible to edit the movement of NavMeshAgent ?


I am fiddling with my first pathfinding behaviour. I am using a navmesh and the built in NavMeshAgent and it works great so far!

But I want the agent to take a wider, curved turn (because the agent-object is a vehicle) [Check the illustration below to see what I mean].

If I could edit the navmesh properties at some extend or even create my own navmesh agent, I could say that the agent can only go forward and Slerp the rotation towards the target.

Does anyone know of a editable NavmeshAgent template code??

Or have any other good tips on how to get the navmesh-agent to do a wider curved vehicle-like turn/rotation?

What I have tried:

  • A empty gameobject with the unity NavMeshAgent component that goes towards a destination target
  • A object with the vehicle model and a script saying it should only go forward and rotate towards the navmeshagent (this creates a nice and wide vehicle-like turn/rotation)

But the problem with this is that vehicle-object goes of the navmesh and collides with obstacles, because it takes a wider turn than the navmeshagent.

Illustration showing how the NavmeshAgent turns at the moment VS how I want it to turn:
alt text

Thanks for any kind of help!

This js should work.
Attach it to the nav mesh agent ( your car ) and it shall serve the purpose.
To make it smoother play with the nav Agents ( Angular speed value ).

targets is an array of Transforms where you can plugin the waypoints.
currentTarget can be your 1st way point ( targets[0] , or you can drag in the inspector )
navigation is your NavMeshAgent.

public var currentTarget : Transform;
public var targets : Transform[];
public var navigation : NavMeshAgent;
var incr:int;
function Start ()  
  navigation.destination = targets*.position;* 


function Update ()
_ var dist = Vector3.Distance(targets*.position,transform.position);_
_ currentTarget = targets;
if (dist < 5){*_

* if (i < targets.Length - 1)*
* {*
* i++; //change next target*
* incr++;*
_ navigation.destination = targets*.position;*_

* }*
* }*


I am not sure if you still need a answer to this but how about using RotateTowards

method? It works rather smoothly for basic humanoid characters as far as I have noticed, might work with a car as well, although I don’t think creating a car AI that way would do any good.