Prefab Instantiation Creating Object At Origin

I am trying to instantiate a gameobject I have at a certain posititon, and all my code is correct but when I run the game, it creates the gameObject at origin. Here is the code below, I do not want to hardcode the spawn point in because I want to eventually change it.

Main Controller

void Start () {
		GameObject CircleTroop = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag ("Circle Infantry");
		Spawn spawnSystem = new Spawn();
		spawnSystem.createTroop (CircleTroop, true);

Spawn Class

public class Spawn : MonoBehaviour {
	private Vector3 playerSpawn;
	private Vector3 AISpawn;
	// Use this for initialization
	public void Start () {
		playerSpawn = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag ("Square Spawn").transform.position;
		AISpawn = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag ("Circle Spawn").transform.position;
		Debug.Log (AISpawn);
	public void createTroop(GameObject troop, bool ai){
		GameObject TroopSpawn = troop;
		if (!ai) {
			Instantiate (TroopSpawn, playerSpawn, Quaternion.identity);
		} else {
			Instantiate (TroopSpawn, AISpawn, Quaternion.identity);

If i remember well, you cannot call a constructor on an object which was derived from Monobehaviour, because any method from Monobehaviour like start or update will be ignored. So basically any class that derived from Monobehaviour and use methods like those, need to be in scene. so put your spawn class on an empty gameobject and use gameobject.find for it. if you call the createTroop method on the found object, it should work.