probability for cards

I want to make a joker-game, first thing I need is cards, , like in the game in real life , you do not know what cards will you get , is it possible in unity to make different ways to get cards,

and the second : first when the player starts the game , the players are : Peter, Nick, Tom but when he restarts the game the players maybe different, like Audrey ,Mike,...

I think to make variables, those changes all time when game restarts

or when the player press start button the other player objects change with the next(different) players , and then starts the game

Poker Pack on Unity Asset Store

The package contains models, textures and basic scripts to give you a head start creating any type of card game.

PlayingCards and PokerChips can change colour/suit/face/number etc by using the inspector or setting using the Change() functions in code.

Poker Pack Asset Store Link: textPoker Pack Asset Store Link:

Poker Pack Asset Store Link: