problem with permissions on FailedAssetImports.txt on unity 3.1

Whenever I change a file in mono develop and switch back to unity I get a message 'Opening file Library/FailedAssetImports.txt failed because permission for the file was denied'

Now, this might be trivial, but I am new to Mac so I have no idea what to do :)

OS X is 10.6.5 and Unity is 3.1.0f

Same here, I copied my unity project from my PC to my Mac and I can’t open it.

Same problem here..

same problem. I cant open the project. UNity complains about permissions, though the permissions all look fine. any ideas ?

Drill down into the directory of the last project opened. Find the Library directory and set permissions for the file FailedAssetsImports.txt from Read Only to Read/Write.