Reload Animation Problems

Hi, guys i’m making and FPS game, and i want to make a reload animation. The problem is my Mag and my gun are 2 separate objects. So when i turn the gun to the side, and then go to turn the mag, it goes into another animation thing, it’s weird. for example. I animate my gun to the side to go and pull out the clip. But if i want to move the magazine, it comes of of the animation screen and makes a new animation thing named MAG. Sorry if this sounds confusing. Thanks for any help.

Hi, this is my first post and i think i can help. I cannot guarantee this will work. So, okay, it seems that you are trying to make ONE animation to reload your gun, but you say that it makes two animations automatically. First of all, is the MAG a child object of the Gun? If it is, which it probably is, click on the parent (Gun) and make an animation for that, and it will make both the gun and MAG available for animating. Hope this helps!

If you’re still having trouble, try animating in blender or Cinema 4D, and importing either FBX or saved C4D file (better probably) into the assets folder or wherever you have your gun. If you click on that FBX or C4D file in the inspector of Unity, you should be able to go to Animations tab and import animations. Then you can get your animations out there and it will hopefully all be good.