Render Texture strange noise error

I wanted to display an other camera on the UI, so I created a RenderTexture to set the camera’s target texture and added an UI-RawImage component in order to display the RenderTexture in the UI. But suddenly, it looked like this and also on the UI-RawImage component:

Inspector Panels of RenderTexture error (left) and the camera setup (right).

I have another RenderTexture that is working properly with the same setup, therefore I assume that it is not my computer’s fault, so I dont know why this particular RenderTexture is rendering wrong. Thus, changing its properties creates a new random noise. Restarting Unity [5.5.0f3] does not fix this either.

So I noticed by selecting the Camera to render the RenderTexture that somehow there was its frustum gizmo missing while other cameras had their gizmos been drawn. It seems like a bug.

Solved this issue by creating a new camera and placing the RenderTexture to it.