Required RAM for using Unity


I’m new in gaming development field and I want to is ask if 8 GB RAM is good enough to build a game in Unity?

Yes, but barely. Do you have a computer with 8 GB? If so, try it and see!


Unity will open and run with 8GB of RAM. The RAM requirements actually come from the project you’re creating.

This, and any additional applications you have open. In my case Unity editor is currently using just under 4 GB but my code editor JetBrains Rider is currently using just over 2 GB, Chrome is using 650 MB, and Discord is using 300 MB.

Just looking at that you would think 8GB would be sufficient if a bit tight but looking at Task Manager shows that my system is using 25GB. Background tasks can very quickly use more than 8GB by themselves. Unity’s including things like it’s shader compiler (one copy per thread), it’s crash handler, the hub, etc.

That’s just actively used memory though. Windows like any other modern operating system likes to keep commonly accessed files in memory when they’re not in use to decrease the time it takes to load them again. My system has allocated 39 GB to that.

Your mileage may vary and all that but if you have a way to upgrade the computer to 16 GB and can afford to do so it’s my recommendation that you at least have that much. You can live with 8 GB but your computer and Unity will always be able to use more than that. Whether it needs the 64 GB I run is another matter.

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If the PC or hardware is old with a hard drive inside that spins, having 8 GB RAM is very small. The problem that you will hit is that at some point when the ram is full it will use the HDD as RAM. So it will be very slow.

A general rule for me in life is to "give you margins" as much as possible. This prevents for been close to errors or failure.

On my PC without opening Unity and just browser looking at a youtube tutorial I’m using 8.8 GB. If I open Unity in Karting demo the use of ram goes to 11GB. So I also recommend you to go a minimum 16gb or 32 plus an SSD that runs Windows. SSD is useful because when you run low on RAM the SSD is not that slow as the HDD.


Yeah it’s fine. Might be slow if it needs to page memory in or out but it’s totally fine. Don’t expect to do anything big but give it a try.

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I have 3 GB of RAM. Can I create a project or open Unity, but there is a little bit of cutting and unplugging?