Select animation clip in Animation Window in a script


I have a model with a huge number of animation clips, which I occasionally need to edit in the Animation Window. However, since there are so many clips, it’s a huge pain to locate and select individual clips using the drop-down list in the Animation Window.

I’m trying to implement a quicker way to select a clip, e.g., by typing its name using a text input dialog. In order to implement this, I need a way to set the animation clip selection in Animation Window in a script. However, I can’t figure out a way in the editor API to programmatically control what happens in the Animation Window. There doesn’t seem to exist an AnimationWindow class that I can see.

Does anyone have any ideas how this might be done?

If anyone else comes to this question as I did, there’s more information in this thread. Basically, it seems like this might be an option in Unity 5.5, but before that we’re mostly out of luck.