Sixaxis joystick axes not recognized.

I have my sixaxis connected to my computer with the proper drivers, and it has been fully functional as a controller for all other applications. The buttons, 1-18, are functional, but only when named as 0-17, that is, one is zero, etc. That is fine, but none of the joystick axes are reporting input for the analog sticks. I have heard from others that their ps3 controllers are working, so if you have had this problem, help is appreciated, if not, I’d like some information on your current configuration, including which driver package you used. Thanks.

Have you set each sixaxis axis on the controller as a joystick axis in the input editor?

If your’s is a pc joystick then i have a solution you will find a mode button on it you can press it and you can now use the left side axis as your directions and can play games and if you want to use it as a mouse and keyboard you can download joy to mouse and joy to keyboard softwares and install it and use it as a mouse and keyboard as you wish.

Actually, my joysticks left axis had been loosened and will not return to its position after in the resting motion and my all the games like car games or any other games will be spoiled can i get any suggestion from you or can you help me.

First attach your controller to your computer, then start Unity. The other way around does not work.

i am going to share a video in youtube plzz go through and solve my problem i am going to share its link i a while

Plzz i had made this video and i am having a problem plzz help me i had explained
what is the problem in the video.