Stack Overflow or Unity Answers?

When I google around, I’ve seen a few Unity related questions asked on Stack Overflow.

Since Stack Overflow has a larger user base, I feel like it might be more beneficial to post questions there. I’ve only been using Unity Answers because it advertises that it’s “The best place for answers about Unity.”

Is there any reason to use Unity Answers instead of Stack Overflow?

StackOverflow is a good general programming reference. It also has a fairly active community of Unity users, though likely less than here on UA.

There is some confusion over tags – ‘unity3d’ is the correct StackOverflow tag to use for Unity questions, but (not surprisingly) many people use the incorrect ‘unity’ tag, which is meant for questions about a Microsoft dependency injection framework.

To further complicate things, there is also the gamedev stackexchange site, which does use the ‘unity’ tag for Unity questions. Sigh.

There is no right answer, use whatever resources are working for you. That said, it would be nice to have one place to go. It would be even nicer if people who ask questions followed the guidelines, asked clear questions after having looked for information themselves, include code snippets, and be clear and specific about what they have tried.

(As a developer who often ends up on StackOverflow looking for C# answers, personally I think it makes sense to retire Unity Answers and get all the smart people in one place over on StackOverflow, but I can understand how that might not be a popular opinion.)

Answers on UnityAnswers often lack the quality of StackOverflow ones.
The moderation isn’t present or as strict neither, putting less pressure on quality answers imho.

Sadly for Unity users, the community isn’t active on SO but also hasn’t managed to flourish properly here imho. (It’s active but doesn’t reach SO usual standards imo)

I second yoyo that maybe we should consider moving.

I should have checked this before asking this, but it looks like the Unity community on Stack Overflow is pretty dead: