[Test Allocations] Server config and payload are not (always?) updated with new allocations

I ran into this issue:
- Create test allocation via the "Create test allocation"
- Get 404 when calling GetPayloadAllocationFromJsonAs
- Deallocate
- Launch test allocation with payload via game code
- Get the same 404.

I also added some command-line parameters to my build configuration (like -ip, they aren't there either in this case. It looks like the allocation doesn't receive the correct information. To solve this I had to take the fleet offline (in hindsight, perhaps it would've sufficed to take the server offline or to restart it?)

To be clear this happens if the new allocation is assigned to the same server as the test allocation, other servers work fine, i.e. if I keep the server that had the test allocation live while I launch a new session, the new session is allocated to a different server and it works well.