The type or namespace name 'EventSystems' does not exist in the namespace 'UnityEngine' (are you missing an assembly reference?)

ever since i updated from 2018 to 2019.3, i got errors like this, i don’t know how to work around or fix this issue, its driving me nuts.


Thank’s for the reply’s but I found the answer on a discord server that help’s unity developer’s with error’s. I found out that In unity 2019.3ofa6 I had to re-inport “Unity UI” package in my asset’s folder. Somehow unity made it into a package and all I had to do was re-inport it. all the UI and event system stuff work’s. I had some problem’s with the nature kit asset’s, I reinstalled it from the store and it fixed up everything!! The game work’s perfectly now!..well sort of… just some terrain Messups now but I can fix it. Thank’s everyone.

I know this is a year old but just to clarify steps if anyone else encounters this issue (as it’s just taken me some time to figure it out).

In the ‘Project’ pane in Unity editor > expand ‘Packages’ > right click ‘Unity UI’ > click ‘Reimport’ form the pop-up menu.

If anyone is interestested, this appears to be caused when importing certain packages from the asset store if they use a different project configuration. Not sure why exactly, however this method seems to fix things nicely.

You might try the suggestion in this post … let us know if it works.

I have also noticed that UnityEngine.EventSystems is not listed in the current API, but it is in the 2018.2 API.

Meet the same problem. Download several packages(visual studio editor, visual studio code editor, unity UI) in the Package Manager and the problem goes. It’s a really weird bug.