TheWebExpert says: My GUI Button is not showing up on Camera Preview

I can see the button in the game view, but not on the Camera Preview… and thus not in the game either. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong. Can anyone help??

Nothing… My camera is in default layer, the canvas in UI layer; no matter if I change camera to UI or change canvas to Default, I still don’t see the button.

Also: In another scene, I can see the background image in the Game view… but NOT in the Scene view. Very strange. I am very puzzled.

Was having the same issue. Fixed it by changing the render mode on the Canvas. I set mine to Screen Space Camera and assigned the main camera to the Render Camera variable. The buttons appeared though i noticed they were extremely small after i did so, probably wouldn’t have seen them if i didn’t have them selected. Hope that helps! @thewebexpert