Transform position deviating by small value when set.


I have a weird issue that I wonder if anyone else has come across. When setting a transform.postion it’s adding a slight bit extra to the value. For example I set the transform.position to (0,0,12). I get something like (0,0,12.01234…). I capture the value just before I assign it just to make sure my maths is messing things up. But from Devlog(position) to transform.position = position there is an error. It’s weird possibly a bug?


It’s weird possibly a bug? 99,999% no :smiley:

Are you using colliders? Rigidbodies? Any physics? Some Nav Mesh system?

These things can interact with position of a gameobject. You should use something to be sure its not moveing it, each thing have its porperties (Constrain/Kinematic for RB, Speed for NavSys…)


It appears there is a floating point error when getting the world position of a child object. Calculating the position by adding the local position to the parent transform position fixes this error.