unable to open a project from unity hub (can create new, cannot open)

I am having this weird problem with Unity Hub (like for 2 days, seems like it appeared after upgrade from 2.2.2 unity hub to 2.3.2).

The issue: I am unable to open a project from unity hub: no error messages, nothing, just nothing happens on [single/double] click on the project.

I can create a new project in unity hub, choosing installed editor(s), it appears in Editor properly, but if I try to open this exact project - nothing happens.

Nothing happens if I try to open “added” projects (same as recently created).

Is there an error log or something to check what a hell is wrong happening in Unity Hub?

I have reinstalled the Unity Hub and Unity Editors several times - no luck =)

Appreciate if someone would kick me in the right direction.

(Maybe there is some kind of a powerful way to wipe out Unity and reinstall it again to fix this?)

Best regards, Ilia.

hey so did you find a solution to this? have been having this exact problem for a while now