Unity Terrain Missing Terrain Data!

I’ve come to a point in my project where I need to access the terrain data for my terrain asset. The issue is I can’t find the terrain data in any version of my project. All the inspector shows for terrain data is a blank field with the terrain data icon. The strange part is that the terrain still renders fine, the sculpting and textures show up without issue.

I’ve tried going to older versions of my project and even tested this by exporting a package of the scene to a new unity project. In all instances the terrain showed up fine, but there is no terrain data.

Is there any way to create a new terrain data asset for this terrain? How does Unity even know what the terrain is anymore?

Hi @mileonmurphy ,
i´m currently working on a Project for a VR mars experience struggeling with the same issue. The Terrain Data asset is missing. Did you find a way around this?