unity wont work on win 8 surface pro

When I click on the screen with unity open it is unresponsive. No menus will open and nothing happens with the unity gui. Is unity not compatible with the touch screen or pen? I was excited to use the surface pro for working on projects and now I’m at a standstill until I figure out the issue.

Yea, there is no pen support for the surface pro at the moment. Unity needs to incorporate the windows pen api to make it work (in editor and in game). Touch does work, though its hard to hit the small icons with my fingers. Unity seems to read touch as mouse events so my touch in touches scripts doesn’t trigger.,

i recently just run into the same problem, i too was very excited to use the surface pro,

with my experience, pen doesnt work and touch hardly works.

both sometimes register as a mouse, i was able to rotate and pan and tap menus with touch (pen was much less responsive) but it was painful as it would respond probably less then 25% of the time… its a shame!

To make unity cross platform, the UI (windows/panes/buttons/etc) are not implemented with typical windows controls, i’m not sure if it’s GTK+ or whatever. This is why it is missing what seems like basic functionality with touch. I ran into the same problem with my surface pro. AFAIK they are working out a solution.

I’ve found out something very useful on this subject by pure luck.
I was initially running my Surface Pro without the Wacom Feel IT driver necessary to make Photoshop work, because I recently reformatted, and Unity was working 100% fine. Better than most similar programs, even.
I then installed the Wacom driver for Photoshop, and when I later went back into Unity it was no longer working, with the issues described above (couldn’t click anything).

So, the Wacom driver is what breaks Unity and makes it unusable. My recommendation is to just use a mouse with Unity. The lack of a middle-click control or scroll wheel would kinda hurt anyway.

After researching this issue for hours I noticed unity only detects a click if you make a very small swipe gesture. Not the best solution, but it’s something. I reinstalled the wacom feel drivers just before this discovering, not sure if that’s related.

Has anyone found the fix for this… from my research (several hours later) it is something to do with the display driver ‘Intel Graphics 4000’

For some reason it was working prior… But now the Unity GUI will not load on my Surface Pro?

Help needed :wink:

All the success
Ryan Saville