UnityPaint, some references?

Hello guys, I really need your help.

I searched trough google, but I got no any tut’s .

I want to do something like painting with an brush over an texture (sprite).

That’s why I need your help, maybe you do know some good tutorials or some good references, or even where should I start to learn to do that.

Thanks from advance. Good Night.

Using getPixels and setPixels, you can directly modify a texture. So, any old brush-paint code should be convertable into Unity.

But, it’s really just a matter of using multiple 2D arrays (texture + brush) and weighted averages. Based on the effect you want. I mean, I often build a mesh, sort of like a LineRenderer. But I’m following a single squiggle made by a finger, and I like meshes.

I feel like, if you don’t already have an idea for how to do it, there’s a lot to learn. Maybe you’re just going to have to look for a completed package.