URP with Light

Can’t seem to get Directional Light to do any effect on URP Lit shader… (?)

How are you lighting your scenes?

The only lighting that affects the URP/Lit shader on visionOS (which we translate into RealityKit’s PhysicallyBasedMaterial) is the image-based lighting that comes from the environment map and a static “system IBL.” Point/spot/directional lights aren’t supported in visionOS for PhysicallyBasedMaterial. If it appears too dark, you may need to reset the simulator IBL using Device → Erase All Content and Settings. Apps can also change the system IBL using the PolySpatial Image Based Light [Receiver] components.

However, to support Unity point/spot/directional lights, we also provide the PolySpatial Lighting shader graph node, which you can use in shader graphs to replace or augment the image based lighting.

Not sure if you’re asking this, but we got this to work by creating a shader for each texture that needs to be dynamically lit and adding a “PolySpatial Lighting” node, plugging it into the emission channel.