What assets would you like to see on the Unity Asset Store?

Hello all!

To help developers deliver the content you want, we've created a poll. Please take a moment to participate! Would you like something that is not listed? Please write about it in a reply!


The reason I chose Complete Projects (either Desktop or Mobile is fine) is because I’d really love to learn best techniques for the methodologies of developing a game in Unity. The Bootcamp demo is incomplete in showing how best to do this as it doesn’t have much in the way of code comments. Simple complete puzzle games (Tetris) or fps (Quake) games would be superb for illustrating best techniques.


At the moment, I don't have access to the store, BUT I know I will get it eventually. What I would like to see, and I don't know if this is currently exists, a way to view the products in the store. Either by screen shots, videos, etc. Frogames.net does a great job with their kits. They list everything and show a sample screen shot of every model that comes in the package.

The problem is there is no "best" or "complete" in the gamemaking-industry ;)

They don’t have to look good, just show various things that can be done. I find looking through them to see how they work, to be an invaluable way of learning. Being able to directly see what does what if you do this or that really helps a lot.

Everyone loves scripts. I think scripts for doing basic things, the kind of things a coder would take for granted, but someone not so programmer minded might find really helpful. Again, these don’t have to be complex or out of this world quality. Just enough there, with lots of comments, to help those willing to study them, understand how different things work together.

For those not so willing, they will simply act as a quick way to prototype an idea they might have, saving them time.

In my mind, extensions would be more complex and higher quality finished things. These probably shouldn’t be for free due to the amount of work that would go into them. They wouldn’t be focused on learning, but creating a specific thing. Things like locomotion, A.I, pathfinding etc. and so on. Solid solutions to the most commonly requested features. If someone doesn’t need one, they don’t need to buy it, if they do, well the usefulness of it will far outweigh the cost of purchasing it.


I am sure you guys are going to get to it at some point but are you planning on adding more ways to browse the store than just search? I would love to sort based on popularity or date added.


Art assets, but more specifically more prototype packages. Perhaps one that contains wood beams, metal beams, concrete beams, etc. A wide array of shapes and sizes, more ragdolls, characters, etc.

Some of the extensions that people are coming up with are just brilliant. Graphical logic editor, shader editor, behaviour tree editor, animation editor… Wow.
Forgive me if these already exist because I haven’t checked the store in a while, but I’d love to see a kick-arse terrain editing extension (think L3DT!!!) and networking extension, since these are two of Unity’s weak points.

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Tom’s Terrain Editor might be what you’re wanting. Newest version is up on the asset store I think.

Cheap Things!!!
Price at the Asset store are too high compared with other website or other game engine.
Blitz grass= free, Grass shader (made in 2007) free for Irrlich users, Grass shader for Unity = $90
Dracula Mension = $39 at Meshbox, $140 at Unity's asset store.
RTS construction kit: $39 at garagegames, $450 at Unity
iGlass GUI: 20 EUR for Blitzmax, EZGUI: $200 for Unity's users. WTF?

Not to mention the monsters packs at Turbosquid, the Low poly dragons at The3dstudio etc... that are sometime 50% less expensive than in the Asset store.

CHEAP things. If people check the asset store, it is a big turn off to see all these expensive extensions. Unity is cheap, let's stay on the same line for the asset store. No way that a game prototype costs the same as Unity itself !!!

Unity pro is cheap. Why? Because you will need the rest of your money to get the complete experience(talking about basic stuff like shader editors, play editors and all other editors that should’ve been in the main product)
It’s like most of these stuff were not in unity on purpose

Pricing is up to the individual artist/programmer. With that said, I hope to see more high quality content on the asset store. Would love to see more “complete projects”.

Thomas P.

Well… not really-- what Unity has (and doesn’t have) is a function of demand of our users and the priorities of our devteam to meet this demand. Our devs keep quite busy and we do not deliberately withhold features in order to sell them on the Asset Store. Basically 70% of asset store sales go to the creator of the package, not to us, so… in terms of doing things financially for our own business, it is in our best interest to integrate new features into the product itself.

That being said, since we cannot do everything at once, the Asset Store and Unity’s editor plugin extensibility is a fantastic way for developers to add the features they want directly and immediately to the toolset. The ingenuity, drive, cleverness and productivity of content providers is stunningly impressive and is already extending Unity in ways we didn’t think possible outside of an internal release.

There’s a constant flow of cool new functionality coming in, a lot of it not yet announced or on the store, which will bring even more power to the Unity user. This material is (and will continue to be) coming from ingenious entrepreneurs, university research departments, both small and large studios, and a lot of other places… the possibilities are very exciting.


What I’d find extremely interesting is to see what these “ArtPackages” guys actually be interested in ?
I made a similar thread and many others before, but it’s not really clear what exactly would be interesting and considered to purchase.
Can’t you not track these guys down and demand a clear answer or else they will be banned ? Just asking :smile:

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I would welcome some better structure of asset store. There is more and more assets and it starting to be problem. For example I scroll down, I see interesting asset, I click on the asset, then klick back and I have to scoll down again to continue where I stopped before. This is very bothering and could be solved by opening details in new window. Soon it would be necessary to add some full text search and sub categories.


How about some AAA quality multipurpose game frameworks?

  • A multipurpose, flexible enemy prefab… It contains a basic enemy game object, with a script with the following parameters: target transform, slots for maybe 6 different animations (walk, run, attack1, attack2, shoot, idle, die), death particle, attack player trigger distance, field of view angle, walk and run speed, shooter flag (bool), and reference projectile prefab w/lifespan parameters, patrol path/waypoints… spawn point prefab with reference to enemies… it can simply broadcast or send a message to its target so they communicate easily when it attacks, dies, etc. Super-flexible yet easy to use, modify and customize, with which /most/ basic enemies can be created… set the parameters and target and go!

  • An AAA quality multipurpose 3rd Person 3D character and camera setup which can move in any of the ways you can in Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia, Banjo Kazooie, or other popular action adventure format, with ropes, double-jump, ladders which you can climb up/down (both automatically or manually move up/down with controller), cliffs and poles to scale, pulling up, shimmying side to side, shooting from a first person camera, jump pads, slide rails, swimming, moving platforms, zip lines, tight ropes… although we have examples in tutorials like Lerpz and Penelope, a few great complete projects, and a few prefab products out there like this, I’ve never seen it done to this degree of flexibility with the sole intention of being a toolkit.

  • A vehicle kit entirely compatible with this system. Can contain a reference to the driving animation(s). Hop in and go!

  • A point-and-click adventure game template system, with dialog trees and events, so you could make something like LucasArts or TellTale interactive adventure games.

At the core of these products would be a framework philosophy-- not just reselling your existing project, but a complete framework design. And they would need to be smooth, optimized, pleasing and console quality. Personally this is something I would love to have, as someone who enjoys making games in my (somewhat scarce) free time. And I think if done right, someone could make a lot of money selling them on the Asset Store!


That advanced 3rd person character setup sounds good.

point and click adventure game would be great!

I'm dying for a cut scene editor like Verve for Torque.

I'm an "Art packages" guy... I would really like some steampunk / victorian character models. I'm just looking for a few right now, for prototyping. I will be making or commissioning high-quality models with lots of different animations once we get into full production, but we don't yet know exactly what we need, so I just want a few simple ones for prototyping. All of the available models seem to be either modern soldier types, or fantasy types. I need a couple of men and a couple of women, with very basic animations (e.g. idle, walk, run). I will also need other steampunk / victorian models like carriages, steam engines, etc.

It seems like there would be a market for stuff from this era, steampunk is pretty big right now...

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