What is the best render pipeline for Low Input Latency? (First Person Shooter games)

What would be the best Render Pipelines to get the lowest input latency possible with Unity for the development of competitive multiplayer FPS games? (Quake, Unreal Tournament, Warsow, Halo, etc.)

To my limited knowledge of Unity, I understand that those are my current options:

  • Default Forward (multi pass)
  • Default Deferred
  • LWRP (single pass)
  • HDRP
  • Scriptable Render Pipeline

Which one or which ones are the best for Low Lateny Input and responsive game controls?
How to avoid having the huge amount of input lag we get in games like Overwatch and else?

That doesn’t matter at all. How things are rendered has no effect on input latency. Quake, Unreal and Warsow use server side movement. So all your latency comes from the network latency and network client prediction code.

Rendering happens once per frame, no matter how it’s rendered.

Not internet latency, I asked fro INPUT LATENCY.
And yes, rendering does affect INPUT LAG.