What would be best settings for first person horror?


I’m making a survival horror game like Amnesia and I just downloaded the Unity Standard Assets 2.
I’m using the new First Person controller from it and I just want to know your opinion on what settings (from below) would be suitable for a survival horror type game. E.G: how much bob, speed of walk etc.

I have my idea what might work and I was just looking to see other peoples opinions.
( I have read on some sites to keep walking bob to a minimum.)

Well, that was difficult to answer. I have two solutions:

  1. Develop your game further. Everything is proportionate to each other, it seems. For instance, my character could move at half the speed that he does as long as everything else was half as small. On that note, it is truly a matter of how fast everything else is, and how big the world is.
  2. I would like it if the character could move at a speed that suggests that it is running slightly. A bit of bob, not much though, because I detest it when characters bob about so much that you can’t be convinced that they’re looking at anything. Running slightly gives the impression of fear, which is convincing and suitable for a horror game. Bobbing to some extent aids with the realism of the running, but only to a small degree. Try walking, on the verge of running, near a mirror and on the spot. See how much you bob and activate that value on the character.