Where are the default materials?

I cant find the default materials, when i try to add someone on a sphere there are none. Where are they? have i deleted them somehow?

Did u import the Standard Assets in the project? Or if u made the models in another SW, like Blender or 3DSMax u should set up the FBX importer to import the materials...


I am pretty new at this myself, but generally speaking, I have found that each object asset in the Project panel (building, rock, tree for example) has materials associated with it and those materials have textures associated with them. The object is represented in the Project panel by a little cube with a tiny tag in one corner. The material is represented by a small sphere and the texture is just itself in a small square. You may have to put them all together by dragging the texture to the material and then the material to the object. They may or may not be found in the same folder. Then when you have the object all put together with its material and textures, you can drag it into the Scene and see it and see it also in the Hierarchy panel. Hope this helps.


Oh i got it jsut opened the island demo and there were alot of materials inside it, thx for the help :)