why is the audio not playing on my video player?

ok ive never used the video player before managed to get it running on android and the editor but the audio will not play, im getting the video from a url and pointing the video player towards an audio source attached to the same object as the video player component is attached, ive followed advice from this link c# - Using new Unity VideoPlayer and VideoClip API to play video - Stack Overflow but havent had any joy yet below is the order of how im calling it as mentioned it works but the audio doesnt, can anyone help

private AudioSource audio;
private VideoPlayer screen;

	screen = go.GetComponentInChildren<VideoPlayer>();
	audio = go.GetComponentInChildren<AudioSource>();
	audio.playOnAwake = false;
	screen.source = VideoSource.Url;
	screen.url = videoObj.VideoURL;
	screen.audioOutputMode = VideoAudioOutputMode.AudioSource;
	screen.EnableAudioTrack (0,true);
	screen.SetTargetAudioSource (0,audio);
	screen.Prepare ();
	audio.Play ();

The whole problem for me was Play On Awake being on. Once I unchecked it, both output modes worked for me (Audio Source and Direct).

I found a thing about video player. I try all the answers to solve my problem. Not work. After that I convert my video MOV to MP4 . My problem solved. In android there is a problem about MOV Codec. Video is playing but audio is not playing .
I am making vr project to Oculus Quest. When i use MOV codec , Audio play in editor, and connect glass with openxr. But not in build. This solved my problem.