XR Hands Gesture Detection Not Working on Device

Has any one been able to get XR hands Gesture detection to work on device.

It works on Quest, but not can’t seem to get any of the detection to work on Vision Pro.
We did notice that in Open XR project settings for Vision Pro there is no option to enable to the Hand Tracking or Hand Interaction feature group.

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Does not appear Gestures detection on the Latest XR Hands pre release 1.4 is working on Vision Pro.

Hi there! Can you give us a little more info on your project setup?

  • What version of Unity are you using? (i.e. 2022.3.17f1)
  • What version of the visionOS XR plugin package? (i.e. 0.7.1)
  • Can you share info about your scene setup or share a project that replicates the issue?

We made some fixes to joint rotations in com.unity.xr.visionos 0.7.1 which might fix what you’re seeing here.

Hey @mtschoen

For sure, apologies for not including this earlier.
Unity 2022.3.17f1
com.unity.xr.visionos 0.7.1
XR Hands 1.4.0 pre1

Specifically the Gesture detection for hand poses in the Hands package does not appear to work for any poses on device. Even just using the Gesture scene from the samples in that package.

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Hey there! We’re still looking into this. If you’re on 0.7.1 you should have the right rotations, and that’s what we were using for our test. So far it seems like some gestures are working like thumbs up, as long as all of your fingers are visible. It seems like on Meta/OpenXR, where a lot of the default gestures were authored, the platform does a fair amount of “guessing” about joint positions, where visionOS reports them as not tracked immediately. We’ll have to come up with a solution to smooth this out in a future update of the hands package. In the meantime, it may be fruitful to try and define your own gestures that work on the platform. You should be able to use the gesture debugger in a device build to test the default gestures and see why they aren’t firing, as well as for defining your own.

Thanks for the info, and good luck!