[2D] Sprite size issue (same sprite differente sizes in Tilemap and world),[2D] Issue with Sprite size (same sprite, differentes sizes in Tilemap and in World)

Hi everyone !

I’m building my first 2D game with Unity and I’m facing a basic problem for which i can’t find an answer.
I hope one of you can help me with it.

Context :

I have a 2D sprite (png, 240x240 pixels).

I want it to be 1 UNIT.

So in the Sprite Settings I set the property “Pixel per Unit” to 240 (1).

It seems to work well, when I use it in a TileMap (2).


My issue appears when I want to use the sprite directly in the world, with a Sprite renderer.
Then, the sprite is bigger than the one in the Tilemap (3).

I thought it was the “Pixel per Unit” wasn’t working with the sprite renderer, but when I change it’s value (to 150 for example) both images (world and tilemap) are updated (4)

Thank you for your help !

Illustration :

Okay my bad : the grid scale was not at 1 but 0.75. :cry: