Adding animations to an already imported model

I’ve made my modeling and animation in 3DS Max, exported to .fbx and imported to Unity and cut my animation to several movements in the Animation tab of the inspector.

Now I want to add a single movement animation to my model. Is there any way to import it to Unity for my already imported model without repeating the whole process?

I tried making the movement in 3DS Max, exporting to .fbx, importing to Unity and somehow dragging the animation object to my original model, but it doesn’t work. Do I have to append my animation to my original model, export again and re-import, recut rename all my movements all over again?

What you need to do is,

1)open your 3dsmax scene(with previous animations. i.e. the same scene you used to create the .fbx file for unity)
2)Now create additional animations with all the previous animations staying right there on the timeline(very important).
3)Re export the .fbx files to your unity project with basically the same naming conventions(the only change should be the added animations in the timeline).Replace existing .fbx file.
4)Next time you open the unity project, create the animation clip be specifying the start and end frame of the new clips.

Hope it worked for you, I am using maya and this is the pipeline I use to add new clips to my current characters in unity

Yes, that seems to work. So now I know the way to import new animations to my character, either I’m working with Legacy animations, or Mecanim…

Last thing though, what about this?

If I had a single .fbx file for every single move I had, I would have to import a whole bunch of duplicate files, along with the meshes. Wouldn’t this dramatically increase my folder size?

I always wanted to check facial rigging. Your plugin seems very interesting, I will give it a shot…

This has botherd me for years but this is what your probubly looking for.

the answer by legoblaster1234