All of my C# Scripts are not working.,All my C# Scripts are not working. And I mean all of them.

“The associated script cannot be loaded…”
“No MonoBehavior scripts in the file or their names do not match the file name…”
“Please fix compile errors before creating new script components…”

These are the messages that come up in my inspector.

I’m starting to panic. I can’t add script components to any of my game objects, making the scripts practically useless. Both MonoDevelop and Visual Editor did not show me any errors in my scripts. What in God’s name should I do?

I’m completely new in Unity and I’m only following a tutorial (2D Platforming). All my scripts, hell, the project I am making is basically a carbon copy of the ones used in the tutorial. The only differences in my project and the project in the tutorial are the messages’ existence and the fact that the tutorial’s project actually works.

Please help me. I’m on the verge of a mental breakdown.

Take a look at the name of the class and the name of the scripts, they should all match.
Next up take a look at all the prefabs and objects in the scene that have scripts on them
and make sure none of them say Missing… in inspector,
Other than that, you’ll have to provide more info on your problem.
Things you have tried so far etc… We can only guess.

show me the script and I might be able to go into more detail

was it a diffrent version like 5 to 2019.

did you make script in the project panel if so did it have a space in it’s name
or did you change the part where it goes

  public class name <-- did you change this : MonoBehaivor{