Animating a Character Sprite Sheet.

Can someone show me some examples how to animate a sprite sheet like this? Ive read everyone on a SpriteManager, But it says attach scripts, But i dont think those scripts come with my copy of Unity, And i cant find download links for it either.

This tutorial:

Comes with details on how to download and install the scripts you are looking for (the free version though) I did find the one line of code that I was looking for being hidden outside of code blocks though. If you have the same problem, you’re looking for:

mySpriteManager.AddSprite(gameObject, WorldWidthOfSprite, WorldHeightOfSprite, XonTheTexture, YonTheTexture, WidthOnTheTexture, HeightOnTheTexture, false);

Though you probably want to save the return value from that function cause you’re going to end up needing it.