Big Environment Pack [available]

Hi everybody,

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It contains:

  • Bushes: 7 different species in over 60 variations.
  • Grass: 14 different grass textures + 4 grass meshes.
  • Flowers: 5 different species in 9 variations.
  • Plants: 8 different species in 27 variations.
  • Trees : 10 different species in 133 variations.
  • Underbrush : 6 different types in 14 variations.
  • Terrain Textures: 12 different textures.
  • Rocks Stones: 21 different types with optimized collision meshes in 52 variations.
  • Particle FX: 6 different particle effects.
  • Buildings: 18 buildings with optimized collision meshes and 3 Lod stages.
  • Castle Construction Kit: 9 different components. Just put peaces together and build castles/keeps in any shape you like. Each component comes in 3 Lod stages.
  • Props: 55 different types

The starting price will be 90$

Includes the big landscape scene from the footage, 1 Caribbean scene,Village scene and the turntable scene.


looks really awesome

This looks fantastic. What are the particle effects that are included?

Looks absolutely amazing!

@kantaki: Thanks, i'm glad you like it.
@W01ff: Thanks :)
@siflanddolly: Thanks, the particle effects are, 2 different fog ,candle, chimney fire, falling leafs, and pollen effects.

Really nice!
Especially like the rocks !

Are the trees unity trees?

@Lars Steenhoff: Thanks Lars, yes they are all unity trees and fully adjustable.

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So are the caves in the video just made out of the rocks that are included?

@siflanddolly: Its an extra mesh, and any Asset from the footage is included.

Very nice! Bookmarked.

Any ideas on price? this looks amazing.

Wow, truly amazing work!

awesome work!


Nice! Looking forward to it.

Very nice!


Echoing everyone else's sentiments- this looks amazing! Can't wait...

how much you think to sell it

Likely picking this up the instant it appears on the store. I don't know much about 3D models, but even I can tell that this is exceptional work.

@ I am da Bawss: Thank you.
@ Efraser2007: Thank you, starting price will be 90$.
@ Yorick: Thanks a lot.
@ larsbertram: Thank you lars.
@ Martin-Schultz: Cool Thanks
@ Zerano: Thanks Zerano
@ ParaLogic: Thanks man.
@ sam.ibbitson: Thanks a lot. :smile:
@ Shadow93: 90$ the first month.
@ burnpsy: Wow thanks man! :)