Camera at wrong place after build

Hi everyone,

i have a problem with a camera in my game. The camera is set on a car. It’s like a driver view. But when i build my game and connect as a player to the car first, before i can do anything, i see the right view. But when everything is loaded and i could drive with the car the camera is set to the right corner of the car, like if you’re looking out of the headlight.

I don’t transform the camera in any part of my scripts. I had another Prolbem with the car when i wanted to rotate it. The car has the possiblity to turn on the spot, but it always turned around the same position like the camera is now (right headlight). I mad a workaround where i put a empty “center” gameobject to the middle and rotate it around that point, that worked. I now also tryed to set the camera to that point after start, but it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work either when i set different points for the camera in the script, the camera won’t move. Did someone had a similar problem? Could it be a problem with the model of the car? Like i said, the center of the car object is not the real center of the object (remeber workaround ;)).

Anyone who could help me?

Public Camera cam;

cam.transform.position = new Vector3(car.transform.position.x - 0.5f, … , …);