Can’t change camera FOV,Can’t change FOV of camera

In the First Person Template in Unity, there’s a default camera (MainCamera). In the Camera module, under Projection, there’s an FOV slider. However, on attempting to use this slider, it doesn’t move, and manually changing the number just makes it revert back to its default (60). I’ve also tried changing it using a C# script, but that also didn’t work. How do I change it?

Also, sorry for the topic, but I literally couldn’t get any other topic to actually work.

First Person Template Unity Assets##

1. How to solve this problem.

Hi, I was having the same problem with the First Person Controller in Unity Assets, soo if you want to change the FOV of the camera you need to change it in the Cinemachine Camera, you will go in the Cinemachine Camera part, roll down a little, until you found a submenu called “Lens”, open it and it will be there “Field Of View” with another slider.

2. Why it happens.

It happens because, the MainCamera is already getting the new parameters of the Cinemachine Camera, soo it doesnt matter if you change it by Script.

Hope I helped you in some way.