Can't finish Publish your project from the Unity Essentials Pathway

I published my project for the 'The Floor is Lava' exercise from the Unity Essentials Pathway - Essentials of real-time 3D project. I want my badge, but it won't close the project and award the badge.

If I click on the Continue button (Screenshot 2), it just comes back to the page in an endless loop.
As you can see in Screenshot 1, the project is within the submissions.

Screenshot 1:9792189--1405320--Screenshot 2024-04-24 at 22.30.27.png

Screenshot 2:

9792189--1405317--Screenshot 2024-04-24 at 22.30.10.png

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I have the same problem.

Seems like this has been an issue for many users for more than a year. Some end up getting the badges, some don't. Can't seem to find a solution that actually works. Sent a ticket but they said the waiting time is two months, lol.

Same here. Well at least we are not alone xDDDD Better wait I guess

I have same issue

Same :(

Same issue here...
My Mission 6 is not marked "completed" though I finished all steps yesterday and submitted my project:

Screenshot 1:

My mission summary says 100 % complete
Screenshot 2:

My pathway summary says 100 % complete
Screenshot 3:

When I click on "resume mission" in Mission 6, it takes me to the "Share your project" Mission where my project has already been shared
Screenshot 4:

Have already opened a ticket and hope to get to hear from the Unity support within the next two months, as I would like to claim my badge here.

Please fix this to help us all :)