Chromatic aberration effect on collision or trigger,Chromatic aberration on collision or trigger

Hi Unity. I’m having trouble with an effect I want to implement in my game. I want the screen to shake and distort every time the player is hit by an enemy, sort of like a concussive effect but with the chromatic aberration effect. I don’t know if this is a particle effect or a shader, since I want the it to effect what is happening on screen. I’m unsure as to how to program it if I don’t know what to reference. Does Unity come with an effect for chromatic aberration or would it be on the store? Any help would be appreciated.,For my game, I want the screen to shake and distort every time an enemy hits the player. I don’t know if the effect I want is a shader or a particle effect, and how to tie the effect with the trigger. Is there a chromatic aberration effect built in to Unity or is it only available in the store?

Use image effects in Unity that you can import to your project from Standard Assets:

And there you have Chromatic Aberration:

Edit: Download for Unity 5.5 and older:

Newer versions use Post Processing Stack: